Bifrost Network Incentivized Testnet Program Brings New Experience to Validators

Bifrost Incentivized Testnet (BIT) Brings a whole new experience to validators. A months long plan project finally come out from Bifrost with Secure, scalable and interoperable protocol that offers not jus security to the blockchain but cross-chain transaction, faster transaction time, cheaper gas fee and many more.

With maximized security and speed, BIFROST ensures the best experience for all users, beginners and experts alike. Why do you have to be Bifrost Validator ?
BIT is a fun way to validate blocks and gaining profits at the same time, you get to try using the cross-chain dApps , collecting points , doing social media task while validating blocks at the same time.

BIT Has been running for 2 weeks until this article made (28/10/2022) and my experience as a validator for Bifrost is definitely a fun and challenging at the same time, BIT will run for 4 Weeks from Oct, 31th to Nov, 11 and proceed to Mainnet.

BIT has 2 Node type :
- “Basic Node” (of the first tier plays the role of block producing and acts as an archive node. Basic nodes are typical Substrate-based nodes).

Basic Node is fairly easy to setup and super simple as Intermediate level Node Operator, The official guide is also very easy to follow.

- “Full Node” (of the second tier additionally plays the role of relayer, which inter-connects blockchains, including the features of the basic node.)

Full Node on the other hand is for advanced user and probably “less” fun for Intermediate user like me.

As a validator for Basic Node on BIT I feel the task is fairly easy for Node Operator and very easy and fun for Social media task, as you get to interact to the Community and Bifrost Team in Social media. Team is very helpful and friendly solving and answering other validator questions.

And now what are the Incentive for running BIT ?
Incentives will be available to network operators according to clear and well-specified guidelines based on weekly tasks. A fair decision from Bifrost as you have to complete weekly task to gain more incentive.

The future of Bifrost is very bright as its bringing whole new experience , security , feature , and many more for the people. For me BIT is super fun and challenging for an Intermediete user like me , the experience that I got from BIT is more than I expected and BIT potential are yet to explore.

About the BIFROST Network

The BIFROST Network is a permissionless EVM-compatible layer-one blockchain utilizing Substrate technology focused on enabling interoperability between blockchains. Its validators monitor supported networks and act as external verifiers facilitating cross-chain communication.

The BIFROST Network is a generalized message-passing system that is well suited for all types of cross-chain applications. By design, it can operate with native tokens that inherit the security of the underlying network. BFC is the native token of the BIFROST Network.



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